Machine Prg

Description of the Program:

In the framework of the MEB-YÖK cooperation that took place in 2002, the second instruction of the Mechanical Program was opened with the transition protocol without examination. The Machinery Program continued its activities in Aliağa Multi-Program High School until 2007. During this time, we continued to improve the physical conditions and infrastructure of our school. The terminal building transferred to the vocational college by the Municipality of Aliağa in 2004 was restored with the resources provided by the industrialists and served as the Aliağa Campus of Bergama Vocational School on 12.12.2007. Aliağa Campus has a second curriculum, and the curriculum of the Mechanical Program started in 2007-2008 academic year. From 2014-2015 academic year, YÖK will continue its activities under the name of Aliağa Vocational School.

Program Profile:

Two-year undergraduate education is given in the Machine Program. Students who graduate from this program are entitled "Machine Technician". In this program;

• Having theoretical and practical knowledge of machine training,

• Following new technologies for changing conditions of the day,

• Computer aided drawing and design,

• To prepare a program for numerical control looms,

• Doing manufacturing operations, using machine tools,

• Hydraulic-pneumatic control systems that can be implemented with the engineer and technician in the industry to carry out the task is to train technical staff.

Hydraulics Pneumatics, quality assurance system and standards, communication courses are included in the education plan of the Machine Program. The basic science courses, machine branch courses, basic engineering courses, computer assisted drawing lessons, manufacturing process courses, computer aided production lessons.


Training Application Area and Program Facilities

Machine Program have;

• Machine laboratory

• Computer aided drawing laboratory

• Hydraulic-Pneumatic laboratory

• Welding laboratory.



Employment Profiles of Graduates :

Graduates of the Mechanical Program ;

• In machinery workshops and enterprises belonging to public institutions and organizations, • At the plant maintenance workshops and laboratories,

• In the firms that undertake machine contracting business,

• In machine project offices,

• In the technical departments of the university related building works,

• In airports,

• In sea port enterprises,

• On large ships,

• In large business technical operating units

can work with the title "Machine Technician".

Access to Further Studies:


It is possible for the graduates of the Mechanical Program to obtain a bachelor's degree diploma by vertical transfer to Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Ship Building and Ship Machinery Engineering, Ship Machinery Engineering, Marine and Marine Technology Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering, Materials Engineering and Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Agricultural Machinery of Engineering faculties.

Program Outputs:

1. Knowing the machining methods and determining the optimum number of workpieces and the speed of progression according to cutting variables, able to use machine tools

2. Those who are familiar with non-chip-manufacturing methods and who can produce by using welding machines

3. Know general properties and usage areas of industrial materials and make selection.

4. Measurement, manufacturing control, quality control and improvement required by the measuring and control instruments in the machine field Processable

5. Create computer program for computer controlled machine tool design can handle

6. Students will be able to apply basic science principles in the field of machinery, know solid, liquid and gas mechanics, Capable of performing strength calculations

7. Knowing the materials and symbols used in hydraulic-pneumatic systems, able to design hydraulic-pneumatic circuit

8. Know the basic principles of management, communication techniques and business codes

9. You can write with computer, prepare a presentation, you can create database files

10. Preventive measures to occur in the machine to prevent the occurrence of these errors preventive maintenance, Capable of performing necessary interventions in case of failure

11. Knowing foreign language at a level that can follow developments related to his / her profession

12. Has acquired professional morals, has scientific, cultural and universal values, can be sensitive to the environment

13. To contribute to the development of the economic and social structure of Ataturk's principles and revolutions The aim is to have the professional knowledge and skills that can be realized in roduction, to use developing technologies, To train researchers and productive machine technicians who can adapt to changes