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Aliağa Vocational Training School was established in accordance with Article 7/d-2 of the Law No. 2547, amended by the Law No. 2880, with the Higher Education Council's letter dated 19.12.2013 and numbered 16503.

Our school started to give education in the form of evening education under Ege University Bergama Vocational Training School,within the body of Aliağa Vocational and Technical Training Center (METEM) in the academic year 2002-2003, within the scope of the Project of Ministry of National Education (MEB)-Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and in accordance with the Vocational and Technical Training Law numbered 4702. Since 2007, education has been continuing with formal and evening education programs in its own campus.It has grown and developed in a short time, and with 100% occupancy of its quotas, it has reached a sufficient level in terms of student numbers and infrastructure opportunities.In 2013, the total number of students in the formal and evening education of the Chemical Technology, Machine, Electricical Programs and the formal education of the Metallurgy Program reached 1,411.

As of the academic year 2012-2013, our School has a total area of ​​36.000 m².It consists of a closed area in the form of four blocks of 3,875.56 m², as well as cultural and sports areas.Aliağa Vocational Training School includes a chemistry laboratory, an electrical laboratory, a machine laboratory, welding workshop, technical drawing room, library, computer laboratory, conference hall for 85 people and a student activity center.

Aliağa has many different potentials thanks to its historical and natural beauties, geographical location, transportation facilities, and social and cultural structure.Aliağa's economy is growing rapidly with huge investments made thanks to such advantages.This growth and development potential will diversify and increase the need for qualified workforce in the future.Aliağa Vocational Training School contributes positively to the balanced and sustainable growth and development of the district. It is of great importance that local governments, industrial sector and other institutions in Aliağa give more support to a vocational school located in the district with regard to ensuring social welfare.Aliağa Vocational School has an important capacity in terms of meeting the qualified personnel needs of the industrial sector and other sub-sectors.


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