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Machine Program

Description of the program:

In 2002, in the framework of MoNE-HEC cooperation, the second program of the Machine Program was opened with the examination protocol without examination. The machine program continued its activities until 2007 at Aliağa Çok Programli Lisesi. In this period, our efforts to improve the physical conditions and infrastructure of our school continued. The terminal building, which was transferred to the vocational school by the Municipality of Aliağa in 2004, was restored with the resources provided by the regional industrialists and was put into service as the Aliaga Campus of Bergama Vocational School on 12.12.2007. In the 2007-2008 academic year, the formal program of the Machine Program has been started. As of 2014-2015 academic year, with the decision taken by YÖK, it will continue its activities under the name of Aliağa Vocational School.


Program Profile:

In the Machine Program, two-year associate degree programs are offered. Students who graduate from this program are entitled Teknik Machine Technician Bu. In this program;


• Have theoretical and practical knowledge about machine training,


• Following new technologies in accordance with the changing conditions of the day,


• Can make computer-aided drawing and design,


• Can prepare programs for numerical controlled machines,


• Perform manufacturing operations and use machine tools,


• Can be applied with hydraulic-pneumatic control systems


The aim of this course is to train technical staff in the industry between engineers and technicians.


Basic science courses, machine branch courses, basic engineering courses, computer aided drawing lessons, manufacturing process lessons, computer-aided manufacturing courses, Hydraulic Pneumatic, quality assurance system and standards, communication courses are included in the Mechanical Technology Program's education-training plan.




Educational Application and Program Facilities

Aliağa Vocational School Machine Program


• Machinery laboratory


• Computer aided drawing laboratory


• Hydraulic-pneumatic laboratory


• Welding laboratory



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