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Description of the program:

The Electricity Program of our school was opened in 2002 as a secondary education within the framework of the protocol of the MEB-YÖK cooperation. The Electrical Program continued its activities in Aliağa Multi-Program High School until 2007. In this period, our efforts to improve the physical conditions and infrastructure of our school continued. The terminal building, which was transferred to the Vocational School by Aliağa Municipality in 2004, has been restored with the resources provided by the regional industrialists.

The formal education of the Electrical Program started education in 2007-2008 academic year. As of 2014-2015 academic year, with the decision taken by YÖK, it will continue its activities under the name of Aliağa Vocational School.


Program Profile:

The purpose of the electric program;

• Knows the basic principles and principles of electrical, electronic circuit and components,

• Can control electrical machines and power systems with semiconductor switching elements,

• Ability to apply knowledge and application in maintenance and fault finding techniques of electrical-electronic systems,

• Knows the winding structure and design of electrical machines,

• draws print circuit and installation projects by using computer aided drawing facilities,

• Recognize modern control circuits,

• Can use programmable logic controllers (PLC),

• Applying practical methods of measuring and testing the electricity,

• Having knowledge and application experience on electrical control units and power systems used in electrical circuits,

• Have knowledge about the production, distribution and installation plans of electrical energy.

to train electrical technicians.


Educational Application and Program Facilities

In the Electrical Program of Aliağa Vocational School;

• Electrical machinery experiment set,

• Basic level electropneumatic set,

• Advanced electropneumatic set,

• Basic level electrical and electronic test set,

• PLC Training set,

• Automatic control experiment set




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