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Description of the program:
In 2003-2004 academic year, Chemistry Program started to operate in Aliağa Campus of Bergama Vocational School. During the first period of its establishment, Aliağa Anatolian Technical and Vocational High School's classrooms and laboratories were trained. In 2007-2008 academic year, Aliağa Municipality continued its activities at the Aliaga Campus of the Bergama Vocational School in the building it allocated to the Aegean University. In 2013, with the decision taken by YÖK, Aliağa Vocational High School continues its education.
Description of the program:
In 2010-2011, the approval of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) was taken for the establishment of the Metallurgical program as formal education by taking the support of industrialists to start the training. As of 2014-2015 academic year, it will continue its activities under the name of olduğ Aliağa Vocational School 201 with the decision taken by YÖK. Our students will continue their education in connection with the industry at the Aliağa Vocational School under the protocol.
 Program Profile:
Metallurgical Program; is a qualified staff training program between senior manager and / or engineer and master, worker or technician. An element of these qualifications may assume leadership and management positions in some small or medium-sized enterprises. The application areas of the metallurgy program are developed from traditional methods to computer aided manufacturing and inspection technologies. One of the institutions that will undertake this transition period is vocational high schools.
 Metallurgy program; In order to train qualified personnel, a quality and application oriented dynamic education and training program is implemented. In this program;
 • Works in metal and material production stages,
 • Investigate the physical properties of metals and alloys,
 • Have sufficient background in technical subjects, use the basic knowledge and skills acquired in the field,
 • Casting of various metals,
 • Interpret and evaluate the data related to the field,
 • To be able to realize professional plans and projects and to develop solutions
 intended to cultivate qualified elements.
  Educational Application and Program Facilities
There is a machine shop and a welding workshop within the Aliağa Vocational School. In addition, within the scope of the protocol signed with Özkan Demir Çelik in 2010, Kenan ÖZKAN was provided with the opportunity to receive training in the industrial environment in the Research and Development Center.

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